Jacqueline Marten is a best selling author of romance books.

She has always been ahead of her time, writing exceptional stories of strong women in historical and modern situations.

Jackie’s first book, a Gothic Romance entitled Let the Crags Comb Out Her Dainty Hair,
came to her in a dream in 1974, and was published by Popular Library in 1975.

Since then 18 other titles have been published in the United States and Britain, with German, Chinese, and even Russian translations.

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Romance author Jacqueline Marten always was ahead of her era. 

She never wrote a conventional “bodice-ripper” about a wimpy chick giving her all for the dimwitted affections of some roaring roughneck. 

And until her dying day she took enormous pride in the fact she is one of the oldest Charter and Life Members of the Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA)

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